Operations Manager

Key Responsibilities:
• To efficiently and safely operate the plant and follow dispatch instructions of NPCC in accordance with the terms of PPA;
• Develop and lead a team of professionals for all operational activities of Plant.
• Ensure compliance with all environmental, health and safety policies, laws and regulations.
• Development of procedures and instructions, including safety procedures, statutory regulations, outage schedules and routine test and inspection schedules.
• Improve standard plant operating procedures, loss control procedures and control room practices to accepted industry standards and ensure that the plant is operated in compliance with best engineering practices.
• Assist the Plant Manager in the preparation of departmental budgets and goals.
• Work with the Maintenance Manager in administering the preventative and corrective maintenance program.

Maintenance Manager

Key Responsibilities:
• Ensure efficient plant maintenance by achieving high levels of performance and conduct all maintenance activities well within the contractual timelines of PPA;
• Develop and lead a team of professionals for conducting all maintenance activities;
• Ensure timely availability of parts, services and other inputs for maintenance activities.
• Implement measures that can improve the plant performance, availability, efficiency or reduce maintenance cost.
• Organize the operation and maintenance manuals and develop maintenance policy.

Plant Manager

Key Responsibilities:
• To oversee plant operations & maintenance and achieve high levels of plant efficiency & availability;
• To effectively and successfully manage Power Purchase Agreement with the NTDC;
• To pursue effective Human Resource Management and motivate the team and work on their formal & informal career development;
• Preparation of Annual Operating/Overhaul Plan, budgeting and forecasting;
• Monitor timely and cost effective supplies of, fuel, lubricants, spare parts, consumables and other services.
• To liaison with power purchaser and other stakeholders.
• Review periodic activity reports and other performance data to ensure productivity and goal achievement.
• Ensure safety of plant equipment and personnel

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